More and more products (and wellness tips) are trending the health industry in the year 2013. But no matter how strict you follow your diet or how long you exercise, there are still some fat under your skin that will not be dissolved. Some people would result to liposuction, RF treatment, or other slimming treatment to get rid of unwanted visceral fats. Well you can have your own non-surgical treatment right in your own home whenever you want it. 

Arrow Home launches the Massage Shower, a home care solution for staying in top shape even while you shower. It aims to targets areas where fat is easily accumulated such as stomach, thighs, buttocks, and arms. Below you can find the complete article on MyHome magazine’s September 2013 issue.

Wellness in the Shower
Written by Cy Yambao

Who would have thought that slimming down can now be achieved in the comforts of your personal bathroom? Revolutionize the way you bathe with Arrow’s innovative new creation – the massage shower that has the ability to eliminate fat that accumulates under the skin. Using this type of showerhead relaxes the


The massage showerhead boasts of three primary features:

a.   Massage

Its air vacuum therapy, which creates negative pressure beneficial to the body, can be adjusted to different levels depending on your desired body part. Using this type of showerhead relaxes the nervous system, improves blood circulation, and relieves muscle strain.

b.   Slimming

Fat usually accumulates in the abdomen, especially for office workers like you who spend long hours in your seat. Opt got the medium-sized massage cup that removes and prevents abdominal fat build-up, and improves the elasticity of the skin as well.

c.    Health Care

Similar to cupping, the massage showerhead can be used to create an area of stagnation on your back and triggers your body’s energy to flow. It releases tension in your skin and muscle tissues, bringing an influx of blood to the area and softening the underlying tissues. This will result to an increased flexibility and better sense of mobility.